‘She stands not so tall, but she is tall in her creativity, leadership and helpfulness’ said a friend recently at an occasion, describing me. My peers think of me as an avid toastmaster and the go to person for creative and innovative solutions, visual and verbal communication.

They tell me that I am very talented and have exceptional people skills. However, in my opinion I have a long way to go and learn a lot more. Therefore, I always keep an open mind for change, feedback and inspiration. Growing up and working in multinational societies groomed my ability to become the perfect host of any occasion by entertaining people with empathy and understanding.

What I bring to the table is not only limited to my skills, dedication and wisdom, but also the passion and caring I have to create, innovate, inspire and deliver a wonderful end product. I am passionate about my writing, designing and public speaking. I have also recently re-kindled one of my old passions for History and Legends. I believe my passion and caring will remain my driving force for eternity.

I believe in making the world a better place for our younger generation to take over from. In my own small manner, I help my peers become their better selves. My aspiration is to promote inspiration, creativity and innovation that can make lives beautiful.

I look for and find inspiration and never give up on life, because life has not given up on me yet!

Services offered:
Training and Coaching


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